The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel Reviews

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2 years ago

Must buy!


Cleans makeup

Dries fast; no bacteria

Soft on skin

Easy to hand-wash

The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel is the best product to own for all the makeup users. This is one of those cleaners that not just helps you clean your face, it also protects the material which in turn is helpful for us. Just use a little cleanser for removing your makeup and then rub the Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel over and you will see that there will be no trace of makeup left. The process is very easy to clean as well. Use some warm water, soak the flannel for just sometime, and then rinse it well. The cleaning is done. The best part of the flannel is that the product will dry up very quick making the process even more nice and quick. The flannel turns hard immediately after drying which in turn reduces or leaves close to no scope for any bacterial growth. So there will be no infection. That’s like a bonus. The product is very easy to handle and also its very easy to clean. The flannel is very soft on the skin. Even when it’s dry the flannel will not hurt your skin. The only problem I faced was the fact that I found it hard to fold the flannel when it became dry. The product also stains very easily. The stains can be problem at a later stage when they just don’t seem to get away from the flannel. The product is definitely a must use and a must buy for people who use makeup very often. Rather than using a cloth, I would recommend you use the flannel as this is much better than any other option. I would definitely recommend this one. It’s worth every penny spent on!

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