Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick Aura Reviews

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2 years ago

Small and sleek!




Cooling sensation

No rashes

Quickly absorbed

Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick Aura are these cute little sticks which are best travel friendly deodorant’s. The best part about the Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick Aura is that these little sticks are cream based. They are extremely gentle on the skin. The other good thing about these sticks it that they have this freshening fragrance which not just helps you fight against the bed body odour it will also keep you fresh as the smell will definitely linger on! The application is super easy. Just roll it on. And leave it. The product does have some level of alcohol in it. I suppose that we cannot deny and do anything about the fact that the deo’s and the perfumes will have alcohol in it. Probably that why you have the burning sensation and the cooling effect whenever you apply any of it. But then the Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick Aura has very less alcohol content in it. Use these sticks for easy use and easy to carry purposes as well. Best to be used whenever you are going for these short trips. These sticks are nonsticky and do not leave any patches behind. These also do not darken your armpits! The deo stick is used for any skin type. They do not giving you a burning sensation and also they are sensitive to the skin. They make you feel fresh!! There are 3 variants available in the market. I personally like the Aura. The lasting effects are super long. But then not for the summer use. Probably the sweat over smarts the sticks or the fragrances. Easy on the pocket and easy in your pocket as well. Buy it if you are looking for something small and a sleek!! It’s the best!

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