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Emami Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo beats heat and humidity through its cooling effect. This Cool Talc prevents sweat and body odor and keeps you fresh all day long. It provides cooling relief from heat, rashes, and burning sensation instantly. The Thanda Thanda Cool Talc is enriched with goodness of cool herbal aroma therapy. This revolutionary formula relaxes your mind and refreshes your body. While mint soothes the skin and removes blemishes, camphor provides relief from pain and itching. For best results, sprinkle Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo all over your body after a shower.

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Prevents stress

Contains Ayurvedic herbs

Refreshing, cool fragrance

Ideal for summer

Long-lasting freshness

Emami Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo is that Thanda Thanda cool cool deo for you! I remember seeing the advertisement on Televison. The jingle is very addictive! The moment you see it, you will definitely sing along. The summers in India can get really bad. Be that any part, the south or the east or west. You really long for that freshness. The Emami Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo gives you that freshness. What more would anyone ask that a fresh mind and body! I remember, you take a shower, come out and in no time you already feel all sticky and drained out. With the talc on, the freshness remains. The cooling effect when you put on the talc is amazing! I really loved the fact that something like this was introduced! The product is very easy to find and definitely affordable! The smell keeps your mind and body fresh. The stress and the constant worry if how your body odour might embarrass you will no longer linger on! Just use this one, and you are off the stress! The best part also is that the product is ayurvedic. There are natural ingredients in it! You tend to use a lot of deo and perfumes to avoid all the smell to take over you. But then with this talc on, trust me people, the need of the deo or a perfume will disappear. Use the talc and recommend it. You will not regret buying this one. Make sure that your wipe yourself very well before the application, if not yes, the powder will be sticky. And then it will get uncomfortable for anyone. I will want all of them to have this product during the summers. This is the best for sure. Get the cooling effect on!

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