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1 year ago

Oh Honey!


Affordable Vegetarian Contains fructose Contains natural nutritious elements Heals injuries Purifies blood Works effectively in reducing body weight Helps treat cold, cough and fever


Non sticky

Patanjali honey is pure honey. I was a dedicated dabur product fan before being introduced to Patanjali. The day i found out above Patanjali, that's when I wanted to switch to it. For some reason I was inclined towards the rand as they promised the most organic and harmless products in the market. By the end of the day, we all know that we would want a no chemical product be that internal use or for external use! I drink honey and lime water every day since a very long time. I like the way I feel after the drink! The honey of patanjali is for sure pure as you can smell it! The process of using it us several. Just take a spoon or mix it, have it however you like it and it will for sure help you with the weight loss and also will in turn help you with the skin problems! The product is available every easily and it is also affordable. Use it and you will know it!

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