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Himalaya Hairzone is a revitalizing solution to promote hair growth. The product contains ingredients such as Butea Monosperma 2.5 gm and Buea Parviflora 2.5 mg that not only promote healthy hair growth but also repair hair damage. This solution prevents follicle degeneration effectively. It also fights against fungal, bacterial, and viral infections of the scalp to prevent itchiness, dryness, and hair fall. The solution maintains the health and vitality of the hair by making it thick and lustrous. Himalaya Hairzone solution comes in a 60 ml squeeze bottle. Its application is easy and effortless. With regular use, the solution helps improve the overall health and appearance of your locks.

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Revitalizes hair Prevents hair fall Promotes hair growth Enhances hair tensile Reduces inflammation Reduces scalp itchiness Fights scalp infection

Scalp is cleaned well

Himalaya Hairzone is just another hair treatment introduced by Himalaya. I find this one ineffective. I was suffering from tremendous hair loss after my delivery and was desperately looking at all possible ways to reduce or control hair fall! I read a few reviews about theHimalaya Hairzone and that's when i wanted to give it a try. The solution didn't really work for me. My hair fall was still the same and it also made my hair a little too dry! My scalp probable was a tad bit better after the usage of the solution or the treatment that the Hairzone promised to give! The itchiness had relatively reduced. That was the only thing that helped me work after the use of the Himalaya Hairzone. Nut then it was very slow to show results. Not just slow the results were below average. I didn't want to buy it again as I was looking at something quick.

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