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1 year ago

Oil control lotion


Easily available Hydrates skin

Calms skin

Easy to use

Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion is for people and users specifically for oily skin. I would not recommend this one for the dry skin users as this product has been designed to stop the oil production on your face, making the face even more dry. I had bought this for my sister who has extremely oily skin. It's like the oil just gets produced out of jo where in her body and face. The day she applied the lotion she felt her skin was working towards oil control. The ingredients in the lotion that is meadowsweet helps in controlling the excess oil production on the face. She uses this lotion after a good face wash and dabs a little on her palms and runs well on face during the nights. My sister has told me several times that this lotion is very light weight and she does not feel very oily after that. It also gives her a very good finish which is why she has started using this lotion during the day time as well. She recommends this product to all the users of oily and combination skin types users. I tried this one one day and didn't really wanted to continue as I knew my skin was getting dry more with this lotion.

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