Meera Herbal Hair Oil Controls Hairfall Reviews

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1 year ago

Herbal hair oil!


Promotes hair growth

Reduces hair fall

Provides nourishment

No synthetic fragrances

Contains natural ingredients and essential oils

Dermatologically tested

No added colous and preservatives


Easily available

Meera Herbal Hair Oil is a great and an awesome hair oil. The very good thing about this hair oil is the fact that it has an amazing mixture of herbal ingredients. 12 different hair essential hair and natural ingredients with 4 essential oils. That's an amazing combination. The essential oils present in the herbal hair oil makes the hair straight and healthy from its roots. Some ingredients are Hibiscus, Bringraj, and also Curry leaves. These are like the more beneficial ingredients when it comes to hair nourishment. My texture in hair has changed over time with regular use of the hair oil. I see the difference and I also feel the difference. My hair has also grown very well in the meantime and also the split ends have gone and I have the better ends of the hair as well. Like this my hair is healthy and nourished from the root till the tip. Packing wise the brand has done a decent job. Not over hyped, just a plain classic bottle with a yellow wrapper. The oil comes in a flip flop tip which makes it easy to carry. It is affordable and also easy to use. I will recommend this hair oil for its ingredients and the essential oil that they use for nourishment.

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