Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau De Toilette Reviews

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2 years ago

Looks beautiful!


Attractive packaging

Great odor


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau De Toilette is the most elegant and the pleasant smelling perfume. I love how it looks from the outside and the inside as well. This would also be a perfect gift for one of your best friends. I am very sure that anyone would fall in love with the way this perfume looks like and also smells like. This bottle looks truly beautiful. The fragrance is very pleasant and also stays on for almost the entire day. This makes you feel confident and bold! This bottle would be a task to carry around but then this is a must buy and use product to be kept at home! When my bestie gifted me this one I was in awe with the way it looked. I was very content and happy and thought that this was a very thoughtful present. And yes, I still use it even after almost a year. This product goes a long way for sure!

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