Avon Beyond Color Lipstick Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.3


2 years ago



Travel friendly


Vibrant shades

Satin finish

Moisturizes lips

SPF 15

Enriched with jojoba oil

Make lips plumpy

Glides smoothly

Avon Beyond Color Lipstick is a very nourishing and a beautifully made lipstick. I had picked Avon Beyond Color Lipstick when i ran out of options and i was there to try out something nice. I really liked how Avon Beyond Color Lipstick was put in a silver roll up case and a golden cover. The combination looked nice to me. What really made me buy this one was the fact that the lipstick is enriched with extracts of pomegranate. This was definitely going to nourish my dry lips. Also the makers have used the innovative Retinex Color Complex technology which makes our lips look full. These reasons were enough for me to go ahead and select the one that i wanted. Whenever we go lipstick shopping the first thing that we look at is that if the colour resembles the shade page and also does it look the same and good on oneself. I did the same. Colour wise the colour matched of what it looked like from the outside. It didn't look different which was a great thing, if not i was for sure going to be disappointed! The choice of colour was amazing. There are so many shades that one can choose from!

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