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1 year ago

Complete Therapy


Easily available

All inclusive kit

Fights acne Keeps skin flawless and radiant

Provides protection from UV rays

Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System is a treatment in one pouch. Now this is one of my favourite brands. I have become a loyalist to this brand. No matter what they come up with they have a solution to almost the smallest to the biggest of problems. Like this i have ended up buying almost most of their products. This product i started using when I had almost given up on treatment for acne. This one looked interesting to me and I also started having faith on the brand by then. The process of application was very easy and also self explanatory. The kit contains Skin polishing acne cleanser, the oil free lotion and sunscreen lotion. It is recommended to use all three products and not just one amongst them for the best of results. After cleansing your face with the skin cleanser you will have to use the oil free lotion and then the sunscreen when ever you are stepping out in the sun. This complete acne treatment is a must use to eradicate acne completely. Use it on a regular basis to get rid of those blackheads, acne and all the marks. t's easy to use and easy to buy as well. You will get it at the nearest store.

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