Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer Reviews

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1 year ago

Blemish Eraser


Lovely packaging

Comes in pen format

Conceals the imperfections on the face

Great consistency

Makes skin look flawless

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer is the cutest thing that neutrogena could come up with. I really liked how they have packed it and made or kept in mind that it would be best to be taken during all trips. This product is definitely travel friendly. I have been using the concealer for quite some time now. The best that it has done for me is the fact that i has covered up my dark circles really well. That's something which I was really looking forward to. The application process is also super easy and nice. The product being so easy to carry, I almost carry it everywhere. The product does not need to be reused after it is applied once. That's even more the beauty to it. I first wash my face or clean it with a cleanser and then apply the concealer before any makeup if I am applying the same. If not the concealer is the perfect natural look for me. There are 5 shades that are available. Choose which one is closest to your tone. I would definitely recommend this one for all of them who are looking for some decent cover up! This has worked wonders for me, i am very sure it will work on you as well!

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