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1 year ago



Easily available.

Nice fragrance.

Sturdy packageing.

The Patanjali Saundarya Body Lotion is the mildest and the most easiest way of nourishment. I have extremely dry skin and I always keep using some or the other moisturizer so that my skin gets the required nourishment. I like it how my skin feels with moisture. I hate the dry feeling. The lotion is rich in ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, nut oil, saffron, honey, and shea butter. These combinations are a deadly combination when it comes to nourishment. I have been using Patanjali products from the time it has been launched. Their claim of using all-natural and treating problems the herbal and natural way is a great deed. I like how they do not use chemicals and make their product to being the most genuine one. This one for the fact is a creamy lotion. I like how the texture juts absorbs and does not show any glossy or greasy effect on the skin. It comes in a white bottle with a flip-open case which again makes it easy to carry and use. I will definitely recommend this lotion for the price and easy accessibility that it comes with! The best that you could get in this price range!

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