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1 year ago

Super hydrating!


Mild fragrance

Pixi Hydrating Milky Serum is the best hydrating serum that I have ever come across. I use this serum to retain the moisture and hydration on my face during the nights so that I have a fresh face the next day. The best part of this serum is that it works like a boss. The serum makes sure your skin looks radiant and smooth whenever you touch it. That's the beauty of moisture. The silky hydration that you receive is mind blowing. I will always owe it to the Pixi Hydrating Milky serum because my skin feels alive and fresh because of this one. The product also looks very cute in a small bottle making it easy to carry wherever you like. This product can be a task to find but then once you know where to get it i am very sure you will end up buying this one regularly. It's the best!

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