Swiss Beauty Pearl Primer Pores Zero Reviews

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1 year ago

The Swiss beauty!


Easy-to-use pump style dispensor.

The Swiss Beauty Pores Zero Silky Smooth Primer is an amazing product. I like it and so does my sister. We have been regularly using the primer for its various benefits. The main reason for using this one was because it is oil free. The coverage is just awesome. The pores are very well covered making the skin look even. The make up can be applied seamlessly. The primer comes in a beautiful looking silver pump bottle making it even more easy to apply. After cleaning your face, take the primer in your palms and apply on face using a sponge. Make sure you spread it well. One can also opt for the no makeup look. With just the primer also the skin or the face looks amazing. I will definitely recommend this product because it not only looks great from the outside it also does a great job on the skin. I totally love it!

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