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1 year ago

No more dry skin!


Long lasting moisture

Hydromax CT Cream is a cream which actually is made to treat extremely dry skin. Now I have a very bad skin type. It's extremely dry. No matter what I do I find no solution to the dry skin. Most creams actually give temporary relief but there is no permanent solution to it. This product was given to me by my cousin who has a very similar skin condition. I was not sure if this would as well work but then she did prove me wrong. In a span of 15 days I could see the difference. The results are not instant or immediate but then you will gradually see the difference in your skin. The skin will absorb all the moisture and will lock it making the skin feel fresh and nourished. This cream ahs the goodness of Salicylic Acid which helps restore the moisture on the skin. I will definitely recommend this one to all of those who are struggling with dry skin.

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