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1 year ago

Decent one


Gorgeous shades

Non-drying formula

PAC Sweet Sensation Lip Cream is a decent lip cream. I started using this lip cream when I was bored of lipsticks. I infact started using this because I had a very bad episode with one of the other brands and I was very sure that I was not or would never use lipstick again. That's when I thought of the lip cream as I was looking for nourishment and also for some colour. This way my lips were also being coloured and also they were being nourished. I will continue to use this lip colour because it is extraordinarily very well nourished and also that my lips felt colorful. This lip colour is very well pigmented making it easier to apply and also that this lip colour does not transfer very easily unlike the other ones. This lip colour stays in its place for a long time and also that this lip colour cannot be eaten up. Jokes apart they get dried very easily and also that they stay for almost the end of day. A must use.

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