Khadi Natural Jasmine Essential Oil Reviews

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1 year ago

Pure Jasmine!


Amazing fragrance

Does not irritate your skin

Can be used to ease travel sickness

Khadi Natural Jasmine Essential Oil is a great and the purest form of jasmine oil. I like all the Khadi products. That's again because they believe in originality and also try and not use the most harmful things in their products. This oil is a multi purpose oil. I specifically use it in my diffuser because I love how the jasmine oil spreads throughout the room and it lifts one's mood immediately. I also use this oil in the bath water so that my body as well smells pleasant. This also manages to beat body odour which is again a great thing. Just two drops and the oil will do its magic. I like how the fragrance is super long lasting which makes it really a great deal. I have been using this religiously in almost every little thing to uplift my mood and would definitely recommend this to all of those who love Jasmine!

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