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1 year ago

Suitable to all


Herbal ingredients

Medicinal effect

Lathers well

Himalaya Aactaril Soap is the best way to keep the infections at bay. The goodness of the soap is the ingredients barbari, nimba, ushira, jambira, karanja, etc. All these mixtures make sure that the skin is healthy and also that the infectious are away from the skin. I in fact stopped using soaps because of various reasons. But then for the reviews that i had read for this soap i started using the soap.The soap lathers real well. I really like how the skin felt moisturized and I also don't have the need for applying the moisturizer or even the talcum powder for the odour. This way I feel even more relieved. I will definitely recommend this soap to all of those who use soap and also who want to get rid of their infections and have a proper cleansing bath. This soap gives all that which no ordinary soap would give. This soap is also very easy to find and apply. Also cost wise this soap does not charge a bomb. It's affordable. And also this can be used by all the members of the house!

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