Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower And Bath Gel Reviews

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2 years ago

A must have bathing gel in your bath regime


I am a fan of Neutrogena products. What I like about them is that every product leaves a refreshing feeling on your skin. I love shower gels. Rather than soaps which make my skin dry except the one which I have been using since childhood I don’t use bathing bars. I prefer shower gels. Neutrogena Rainbath refreshing shower and bath gel gives a different spa like feeling altogether. It makes you fresh and recharges your senses. Its natural oils make the skin soft and supple. It gives a satin like finish. Enriched with fragrances of fruits, spices and herbs, this gel forms a perfect lather in minimum quantity that cleanses your skin and gives you a perfect bathing experience. It’s soothing aroma lingers even after bath. You don’t feel the need of applying any body lotion after using this gel as it works as a moisturizer too. I am happy I got introduced to this product (I had received it as a take away for an event). Using this gel for bath after a stressful day I feel very relaxed and it uplifts my mood too. It comes in a pump dispenser which makes it easy to use. For best results pump it on a loofah and it shall wipe off all the dirt and grime, especially on the exposed areas.

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