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Garnier Color Naturals Creme Riche Nourishing Permanent Hair Color is a semi-permanent hair color formula. It is free from ammonia and enriched with three nourishing oils - olive, almond, and avocado – that nurture your hair with all their goodness. Discover a new you and fall in love with this hair color, while your hair enjoys its nourishment and care. This hair color lasts for about 8 weeks with regular hair washes.

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Beautiful hair colour for all age groups Shruti approves this product
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I do not use or color my hair as I am apprehensive of the chemicals present in it and also the side effects bother me a lot. This is an observatory review of Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Color which I had bought for my mother in law. She is in her mid 50's and hence has a lot of grey hair. She generally dyes her hair with a standard dyeing hair colour she has been using for years. However, for the past 1 year she wasn’t really happy with her life long companion that hid her grey locks like before. Her hair had become really dry and the color just won’t stay put for more than 2 weeks. K then suggested her to buy the Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Color and even bought it for her the very same day as she had an important function to attend the very same week. The packaging included a colorant, developer milk, pair of gloves and a post color care conditioner. However, I expected a small applicator or a brush to be provided along with the pack to make it easier to apply on the hair. The information leaflet instructs to mix equal amount of the colorant and the developer milk for even hair colour tone and best results. I mixed it and helped my mom in law in applying it over her hair. It was quite easy to mix and apply and the liquid actually covered a lot of greys on her head. I applied it evenly and she washed it off after 30 minutes of application. She was apprehensive of using the conditioner but I insisted and she did. She loved the hair texture and colour post that and she has been a regular user of the conditioner as it has made her hair smooth and manageable. However, the colour does not stay put for 8 weeks as mentioned. The color started fading away after the 6th week. I am not sure if it is the water or the frequency of hair wash that caused the fading away of color so soon. I am sure it also depends on the hair texture and the weather conditions. But it is overall a very good product.

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