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2 years ago

A must buy for fuller natural eyebrows!


NYX Micro Brow Pencil is a breather and a saver for those with very thin and light eyebrows. It has 8 shades- Taupe, Blonde, Auburn, Ash Brown, Espresso, Black, Chocolate and Brunette. I was finding something to gift to my co sister and I found this to be the best gift for her thinner eyebrows. Though she is not a make-up person, she thoroughly loved this brow pencil which not only filled her thinner looking eyebrows but also enhanced her face by fuller brows. The pencil is quite slim and it is easier to hold and apply it over your brows. It has pencil on one side and a spoolie on the other side to easily glide the colour and stroke the brows to give a natural and fuller look. I picked up Brunette to gift it to her as her skin tone is on the fairer side. I helped her in trying out the product and I was more than happy to see the results. It does not give an alienated look, rather gives a natural look which is a bonus point. It glided so well on the brows, however you need to have be a bit careful while applying it. One need not apply much pressure on the pencil to apply it. Just light strokes in the gaps and brushing it with the spoolie is more than enough to give a perfect look. It has an awesome packaging and is travel friendly. Not very dark and perfectly suits the skin tone. It gives a natural finish and you need not be a make-up pro to use this product. The only drawback is the quantity of the product. It is too less and might get over soon for those who use it on a regular basis. A must buy for those looking out for a fuller natural brows.

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