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2 years ago

Worthy highlighter


I never knew what a liquid highlighter does until I came across Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter when I went to a mall to buy some cosmetics. I saw a girl trying out something mixing it with her foundation and body lotion to apply it over her body and it just gave her a flawless beautified look and I just got curious. I asked the beautician at the counter and she explained me that it is a highlighter that is used to highlight and define high points on your face or mix it with foundation to for a dewy or sparkly look or add it to your foundation for a complete sparkly look on your body. I was afraid to even try it out thinking about the side effects it may have. But the beautician assured me and assisted me in trying it on my skin. She gently mixed it with a suitable foundation for my skin tone and applied it over my face. It is in liquid consistency and hence it blended easily on the skin along with the foundation and hence gave a flawless, dewy finish to my face. It is highly pigmented and hence only a drop is more than enough to give that perfect look over the face. I saw that it has fine shimmer particles inside to give the glittery and shimmery look all over. The beautician helped me apply it all over my body mixing it with a body lotion. It gave a smooth texture, flawless look and shimmery shine to the skin and I looked like party ready anytime. I loved the way it gave me party look without going overboard and without any side effects. It gives a gorgeous glowy look. The packaging is a bit tricky. Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. Though it is sleek but is travel friendly. However, you need to be extra careful while using the glass vial containing the highlighter. It is available in 12 beautiful shades for every skin tone. Although expensive, a small bottle lasts long and hence worth the price.

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