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2 years ago

Not recommended


Trendy shades


Creamy consistency

Pigmented colors


This is most affordable kajal eye pencil. I love applying kajal and I have fond memories of my childhood where my grandmom made homemade kajal to apply in the eyes. At that time all I knew was kajal has to be applied with your bare finger. Times have changed and kajal started coming in various forms like pencil, pot and brush, retractable creamy pencil etc. Most of the kajal pencils that I have used are either very lightly pigmented, or give a tugging feeling on the waterline, some are very drying and most of them cause irritability and are not opthalmologically tested. As I generally wear contact lenses, I am very particular and careful while selecting my kajal pencils. Few months back I came across Essence Kajal Pencil while going through a website while buying a few cosmetics. I got intrigued by the positive reviews and decided to place an order for the same. Since it was coming at quite a affordable price I wasn’t bothered if it would work for me but I really wanted to give it a try. The pencil I would say comes in quite a sub standard packaging and is color coded to distinguish between the colors. It has 8 variant shades and each of them seem to be highly pigmented. The black pencil I ordered seemed to be a jet black pencil with intense pigmentation. The pencil needs to be sharpened often to get the pointed tip for application. It glides smoothly with its creamy texture and does not irritate the eyes to even a small bit. The staying power is however not long. Stays for just 2-3 hours and smudges just like any other kajal. It cannot be doubled up as a liner as it is not smudge proof and the least you would want is panda eyes with kajal smeared all around the eyes. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

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