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NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Paper is a favorite among makeup artists. This fortified pulp paper is infused with salicylic acid to reduce excess shine and oil effectively. Use the Green Tea blotting paper to absorb excess oil and give your skin a matte finish. Use the Tea Tree blotting paper to absorb oil from your T-zone and other oily areas on your face and refresh your look any time of the day. This blotting paper is available in 4 variants: Tea Tree, Great Tea, Matte, and Fresh.

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A must have for oily skin Shruti approves this product
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Reduces shine

Absorbs oil

Matte finish

Refreshes skin


Easy to use


This makeup blotting paper is a boon to those who have combination to oily skin and fear the production of oil on the skin after make up application causing the skin to look blotchy and the make up fading away because of excess oils. NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Paper can be used everytime you feel that your skin is getting oily at an time of the day. They are super delicate and need to be handled quite carefully. All you need to do it just pick up one blotting paper depending on the amount of oil that your skin secretes, slowly press it against your face where the is oil secretion and gently dab it to remove excess oils. You need to rub it, lest you disturb your makeup making it blotchy. They do not have any untoward fragrance and hence there is no fear of any smell lingering on your face after its use.

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