NYX Professional Makeup Ombre Lip Duo Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.2


2 years ago

An average lip color


Two-in-one product

Blends well

Easy to use

Precise application

Creamy formula

Yet another gorgeous product from NYX but this was a bit disappointing. I would highlight the pros first of all. This Duo stick has a lipstick on one side and the lip pencil on the other. The colors are quite complimentary and blend very well when applied and used together. Ofcourse that is why they have it as a duo combo. The texture is creamy and glides very smoothly on the lips. It blends very well and gives a matte finish to the lips. Good pigmentation and you get the perfect color to your lips. Now coming to the cons of this product. The holder that holds the pencil is quite fragile and at one point of time the pencil actually came off and fell down. Good that it did not break. It makes the lips dry. You need a good moisturizer before applying. Also it is transferable and does not stay long. The lip color melts easily when you keep it in a warm place for a long time which is quite disappointing as you tend to carry it whenever you go. Not worth the money.

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