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2 years ago

Impressive talc.



Fresh floral fragrance

Twist-lock packaging

Long-lasting effect

I generally avoided using talcum powders as it made my face look too whitish and very fake. During my childhood I very well remember every member of my family dabbing this powder after their shower to make them look and feel fresh and ready for the day. I laughed at this idea and myself hated using it. My mom had tried applying it to me once and I looked like an overdone make up doll. After starting college I started to learn the basics of make up and that is when I came across this talc once again, only to be used as a setting powder and also for an oil free look on the face. The talc comes in a pink packaged bottle and comes in variant sizes. It is quite affordable and travel friendly. It has a mild fragrance of pink lily and it helps in combating the body odor and makes you feel fresh the entire day. The texture is quite fine and smooth which helps in absorbing the sweat on the skin and prevents any bacterial infection to be caused. The talc is quite soothing and it also makes the skin soft and healthy. It gives a healthy glow to the skin if used and blended appropriately. It also works as a setting powder for the make up if used in the right proportion and blends beautifully with the skin and face. It also helps in reducing the excess oil secretion and gives an even skin tone. It is best used during summers when you tend to sweat a lot. I never knew I could use this talc to so much extent with varied uses. It indeed changed my perception towards a talcum powder.

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