The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask Reviews

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1 year ago

Perfect mask for combination/oily skin


Good for oily T-zone

Spreads easily

Draws out impurities


Lasting effects

I had always read about seaweed extracts doing wonders for a combination and oily skin and I was constantly on the lookout for products that have this as their main ingredient. I have a combination skin and my T zone has always been a problematic concern as it tends to get so oily that I have stopped wearing makeup altogether to avoid the cakey and clumpy look due to excess oil secretion over my nose and forehead. I was recently shopping for a few products at the Body Shop store when I suddenly came across a box that mentioned Seaweed oil. I got curious and checked the packaging. It was a clay mask that was infused with all the goodness of seaweed and I immediately wanted to buy it. Although I was running short of budget I went ahead and bought this clay mask. The main formula ingredients in this clay mask are kaolin, bentonite, and heilmoor clays that help in controlling the excess oil secretion from the skin. The different seaweeds that are present in this clay mask are laminaria and lithothamnion which help in purifying and cleansing the skin deeply. The consistency of this is not so creamy nor liquidy. It does not drip off and spreads evenly on the face. The mask also helps in controlling blemishes and acne. The mask is easy to apply and is mess free. Does not take much of time to dry. Just 10 minutes of this mask on the face twice a week is more than enough to give you a acne free, glowing and smooth face. I just got my second pack of this and I am loving this product. A highly recommended product for those who have combination and oily skin and want to get rid of the acne and blemishes.

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