Forest Essentials Hair Conditioner Bhringraj & Shikakai Reviews

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2 years ago

Must try !




Mild, soothing aroma


Thin texture


Shikakai and Bhringraj are natural ayurvedic components that were used by our grandparents generation to keep the hair silky smooth and manageable. Those were the times when you never had the liberty of using a packaged shampoo and conditioner and these were the natural shampoos and conditioners. Now, gone are the days when we get such pure extracts and components to maintain soft and healthy hair. We have to rely on packaged shampoos and conditioners that claim to have been made from pure extracts and we have no other choice but to believe them. I was of the same opinion until I tried Forest Essentials Hair Conditioner Bhringraj & Shikakai and the shampoo. These two make a great combo and give you the feel that you are actually using the natural extracts directly like your grandparents did. The conditioner is infused with extracts like licorice, coconut milk, amla, sweet almond oil, Bhringraj and Shikakai. These natural infused extracts help in deep conditioning of the hair, treating them from the roots and making them manageable and silky smooth. These extracts promote hair growth, treat dandruff, strengthen hair and also repair the damaged and split ended hair. It is also infused with Kalonji seeds that specifically works on the hair texture making it smooth and buttery soft. You would just want to touch your hair again and again after using this. This conditioner is a boon for those who have frizzy and dull hair. It instantly gives a bouncy shine and volume to the hair and gives a new life to the otherwise dull and tangled hair. It helps in detangling and makes the combing and brushing process quite easy and you can try various hairstyles, all thanks to this beautiful conditioner.

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