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2 years ago

High definition contouring brush


Professional results

Easy to wash and dry

No shedding of bristles

Works well with powdery products

I was gifted a complete brush kit for make up application by my friends for my wedding. I had never used any professional cosmetic brushes before and hence was excited to use these new gifted ones. One of the brushes was NYX Pro Contour Brush which had a long sleek perfect handle to hold the brush with gorgeous and soft bristles. I am not a professional make up person and I generally keep my make up minimal by just applying kajal, liner and lipstick. But these cosmetic brushes made me use all the cosmetic range for my face on my big wedding day. Although I had a professional make up artist, I insisted her on using my very own brushes for donning me up. The NYX Pro Contour Brush is a perfect rounded brush that glides smoothly and the bristles are super soft and do not poke or scratch the skin. They pick up just the right amount of product to be applied on the face. It helps in giving a flawless look to the jawline, cheeks and forehead and makes the face look gorgeous and well contoured. The brush handle is long enough to provide a perfect grip on the brush for a flawless, hassle free application. It gives a very precise contoured look to the face and works well with the powdered products like blush and bronzer to give the face a highly defined look. It is highly expensive but this brush is here to stay for the longest time if you know how to use it gently and maintain it appropriately. The bristles are made of synthetic fibre and the shape of the bristles in rounded and tapered for a perfect precise application.

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