MAC 137 Long Blending Brush Reviews

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1 year ago

Perfect dusting brush


Soft and fluffy bristles

Long slender handle for good grip

Handmade brush

No shedding

Can be used for dusting highly pigmented powders

MAC Long Blending Brush – 137 is a uniquely carved brush made for dusting highly pigmented powder on the face. Brushes from MAC are highly expensive but their quality is amazing and it lasts for years together. The bristles are soft in texture and the handle is made up of wooden. This long blending blush gives a good grip and is long enough to work on the face easily. It has a nickel coated brass ferrule that holds the bristles together perfectly and gives a good grip to the fingers. The brush bristles are very smooth and soft. They do not poke the skin and help in seamlessly blending any powdery product on the skin. This brush is slightly tapered to help in giving the natural look by reaching out to all the corners of the face perfectly. It gives a natural look and smoothening effect to the face.

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