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1 year ago

Builds stamina and immunity


Energy drink

Improves stamina

Adds muscle strength

Boosts energy

This is an ayurvedic product that is quite effective in rebuilding stamina and boosting energy levels. Handling two kids for the entire day used to make me feel lethargic and at the end of the day my energy levels were zero and my frustration and irritation were at its peak. I tried taking many supplements but never continued due to my habit of forgetfulness. I have been using certain Patanjali products like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste so when I recently went to the store to buy these stocks I came across this Patanjali Musli Pak. The ingredients and the instructions mentioned that it is specifically designed for boosting immunity and strength. It claimed to improve muscle strength and help in general debility. I bought this powder and started using it. It tasted awful but as they say, healthy things taste awful, I continued it for a week. I could actually feel the difference it made to my body. I was more energetic and I still had the stamina to complete my work by the end of the day despite of slogging the entire day looking after 2 hyperactive toddlers. A definite heads up to this product.

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