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Patanjali Youvan Gold Plus Capsule is a powerful Ayurvedic supplement that improves sexual libido, vigor & vitality, and energy levels. Made with more than 30 natural herbs, these very effectively tackle a low-libido while improving muscle strength and endurance.The product comes in a pack of 10 capsules and must be consumed twice daily with lukewarm milk.

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They have been a lot of medicines being sold in the market to increase the the sexual libido and enhance the sexual performance. Where as pharmaceutical companies have take in the advantage of people looking out improve there sexual life and have started marketing product that claim to improve and help them in their sex life. Patanjali has widespread its market into almost every foray and how could it be left Behind not delving into the sex lives of people. Patanjali Youvan Gold Capsule claim to improve the sexual libido, vigor & vitality, and energy levels. The ingredients claim to be made from 30 natural Herbs that help energising the body sexual pleasure. They claim to improve the muscle strength and also improve the stamina of a person. However they have been a lot of negative reviews and that this capsule doesn't work as it claims.

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