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Himalaya Pure Herbs Brahmi is a tablet made from pure Brahmi extracts. Brahmi promotes alertness, improves the clarity of thought, and enhances memory. It enhances memory by producing certain chemicals in the brain that function in the activity of thinking, learning, and memory. The herb consists of potent antioxidants and neuroprotective properties that modulate key enzymes involved in the generation and scavenging of brain cells. This helps reduce unnatural age-related brain degeneration. This medicine is ideal for improving mental agility and preventing age-associated memory problems in the elderly.

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Improves memory

Enhances learning ability

Prevents ave associated memory issues

Good for learners and elders

Calms the mind

Himalaya Brahmi encourages to improve the memory and also helps in stimulating the brain cells. It is made up of pure brahmi extracts and there are no known side effects till date. It helps in alertness, memory, and learning during the ageing process when the mind fails to process certain information and tends to get forgetful. As we age, our mind tends to get forgetful and we have memory loss episodes. I have seen many such instances in my family and have seen my aunts and uncles using Himalaya Brahmi to keep their memory intact and prevent it from getting rusted. With busy schedules, smart phone generation we have almost lost the touch to use our brain for even the simplest of actions like remembering dates, important appointments and even for checking date and time. This has miraculously affected our brains in a bad way and Himalaya has curated this medicine to prevent the rusting of brain, scavenging brain cells, stimulating the memory and learning power.

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