Indus Valley 100% Organic Growout Beard & Hair Oil Reviews

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1 year ago

Good beard hair oil


Natural product


Adds shine to beard

Grooms the beard well

My cousin brother was fond of growing beard but he was unable to keep them soft and manageable. Also so she was losing a lot of hair on his scalp and was looking out for solutions. That is when I came across Indus Valley 100% Organic Growout Beard & Hair Oil and decided to gift to him. This oil comes in a black bottle with a dropper cap that helps in dispensing the required quantity of oil. It is very easy to use and hassle free. It is made up of pure extracts of 8 varied herbs and is completely free from chemicals. It does not have any side effect and is very effective in giving the beard a soft and manageable look. It also promotes hair growth in men and moisturizes the facial hair. It helps in in giving the beard a Shiny look and also keeps it well groomed.

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