Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter Reviews

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1 year ago

Flawless radiant look



Can be applied effortlessly

Cruelty free

I came across this gorgeous highlighter while shopping for my cosmetics. I was always apprehensive of using a highlighter on my face as I felt that it would unnecessarily make my face look plump and overly highlight the facial features. I did try using it once or twice looking like a buffoon prior to which I stopped using it altogether. While shopping recently, this highlighter was on sale and the makeup artist at the counter suggested me to try it. Since they were already having a tester trial I decided to go ahead and try it. This comes in a compact package and the texture is quite creamy smooth. It is a golden shimmer powder with a fine texture that blends easily on the face. The makeup artist used a small brush to apply it and blend it on my face. She highlighted the facial features beautifully that made my skin look even more gorgeous. I never knew that my face could look so beautiful by highlighting the important features of my face. It gave my face a flawless radiant finish and my face looked very smooth. 

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