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2 years ago

Not at all recommended for oily skin


Works effectively in winter

Pleasant fragrance

Can be applied on both face and body

This is a renowned cold cream that is used by almost every household during winters to prevent their skin from drying excessively. However, I have had a very bad experience with this cream. First of all the packaging isn't travel friendly. I have a combination skin and this cream is very greasy and heavy. It is not at all light weight. Considering that it is a cold cream it is bound to be heavy to moisturize dry skin. But this cream is not at all suitable for combination and oily skin users. It made my skin oily and greasy. It felt very heavy on my skin. The aroma is quite soothing but the packaging is quite messy. The cream sticks to the lid if it gets tumbled or kept in a bag and while opening it, the cream spills out. It also darkened my skin and I had severe breakouts and acne after using this cream. This is meant for dry skin users and normal skin. Not at all recommended for oily and combination skin users. It is quite affordable and available at all leading stores. 

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