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1 year ago

Cream to treat acne marks


Controls excess oil secretion

Gives an even tone look

Absorbs quickly

Travel friendly

Kills bacteria

Unclogs and shrinks pores

Controls age spots

Works effectively on dark pigmentation and freckles

I had a lot of acne marks on my face. I tried using some home remedies to get rid of the acne marks and dark spots on my skin. It backfired and the spots increased. I was so worried and I finally went ahead and visited the dermatologist. He suggested me some medication and this cream to be used on the areas to be treated on my face. This cream comes in a tube that is very handy and easy to carry. The texture of the cream is very soft and smooth. The cream is non oily and non greasy. It gets absorbed in  the skin quickly and is very lightweight. I used this cream for almost three months and I could see a visible difference in my skin tone and skin texture. The visible acne marks were gone and there was no dark spots on my face. The pigmentation on my skin had visibility reduced. My complexion had become brighter and my skin had become much clearer. I have been using this cream continuously since then and have never thought of changing it for stopping to use this cream.

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