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1 year ago

Almond shampoo


Rich in almond and milk extracts

Gentle on the scalp

Adds shine to the hair

I happened to use this shampoo when I visited my cousin during vacation. I forgot to carry my shampoo and my cousin offered me to use this. I have a very dry and frizzy hair and my cousin suggested that I should definitely use this Dabur Almond Shampoo so that they frizz would go and I would love using this shampoo. I saw the ingredient list and it mentioned that it contained almond vita complex and milk extracts. It also mentioned that it is free of chemicals. I used this shampoo and with the very first wash I felt so refreshed. My hair were quite manageable and very silky smooth. The dryness in my hair was gone and the frizz had vanished. I was expecting this effect to stay for a entire day at least but it stayed for 3 long days until I washed my hair again. I loved the aroma of this shampoo and it packaging. It is quite travel friendly and the pump dispenser ensures controlled usage of the product without any spillage. The texture of the shampoo is creamy smooth and it lathers really well. It leaves a very soothing aroma in the hair even after washing that lingers on for quite a long time.

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