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2 years ago

Not recommended


This hair oil has been in the market for ages and it promises to give long lustrous shiny black hair. It promises to give a glamorous hair and control hair fall. My aunt who lives in a small town decided to buy this hair oil after seeing continuous positive advertisements about this hair oil on the television. She started using this hair oil in the hope that it would help in preventing the hair fall that she was facing since long time. To start with this hair oil comes in a poorly packaged box and bottle. The smell of the hair oil is quite irritating and strong. It would give a headache to those who are averse to strong perfumes and smell. It boasts of using ayurvedic herbal products but it is nowhere close to that. It is very greasy and gives a very awful smell. It increased the hair fall and made the hair dry and frizzy. Her hair got very thin and she started repenting buying this hair oil. Prior to using this hair oil her hair were soft and silky, but post this oil her hair had become very dry and unmanageable.

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