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1 year ago

For extra dry skin


Soothing effect for dry skin

Treats dry flaky skin

This aloe lotion is specifically designed for dry and itchy skin. It is designed for those who have extra dry skin with allergies and other skin conditions caused due to dryness. My aunt was facing some allergic reactions due to dry skin. She visited the dermatologist and he suggested her to use this Dermadew Aloe Lotion. This lotion comprises of aloe vera and glycerin, both of which are very effective and nourishing for the skin. Aloe vera is known to be an effective herb from time immemorial for healing properties and for making the skin soft and supple. Aloe vera helps in lightening the dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentation. It also nourishes the skin deeply and makes the skin clean and clear. Glycerin has a soothing effect on the skin and soothes the inflamed and irritated skin. My aunt was very much relieved after using this lotion. Her dry skin had become very soft and smooth.

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