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1 year ago

Creamy gel liner


Dark color.




I generally prefer using liquid eye liners but this time around I wanted to try a gel eyeliner. I had heard a lot of about gel eyeliners and never got a chance to use it. One day while shopping for my cosmetics I came across this pot shaped box with a brush applicator. I assumed it to be a lip liner but the make up artist at the store showed it to me and asked me if I would love to take a trial. This gel eyeliner comes in a round pot bottle with a brush applicator. This liner is creamy soft in texture and it spreads gently over the eyelids without forming any creases. It is smudge proof and stays on the eye lids without fading away. The brush applicator provided with it is shaped in such a way that you can create several gorgeous looks on your eyes with this eye liner. This eye liner is water proof and stays for almost the entire day. It also comprises of hydrating agents that hydrate the eyeline and water line and eliminate the signs of dryness. 

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