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1 year ago

Solves digestion problems


Herbal ingredients

Vegan product

Aids digestion process

Post pregnancy I had a lot of digestive problems like bloating, indigestion and acidity. I had started taking home remedies to treat these problems but it just aggravated. I started having side effects of those home remedies. My gynaecologist suggested me to take these Himalaya Wellness Trikatu Tablets as it is safe for a lactating mother and it did not have any side effects. The major ingredients in these tablets are ginger and pepper. These ingredients help in stimulating the enzyme activity and help in healthy digestion of food. My digestion had improved after taking these medicines. It also helps in stimulation of liver which in turn helps in bile secretion. This helps in digestion and breakdown of fats and easy absorption. My acidity and stomach bloating had reduced altogether. This tablet helped me a lot in in my digestion issues. These are quite affordable and easily available. Definitely recommended for those who have digestion problems.

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