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1 year ago

Natural cleansing powder


Mild and gentle powder

Cleanses the scalp thorougly

Cleanser and conditioner

I remember during my childhood my mother used locally brought shikakai powder to clean my hair from all the dirt and impurities. She rarely used any shampoo for my hair and my hair very strong silky and healthy. Growing up I got attracted to the fancy shampoos and expensive and branded ones that were available in the market. But very soon I realised that these are just money making products and they damage the hair to a great extent. Then I realised the importance of using the shikakai Powder. I went to Ayurvedic Shop and I came across this Karthika shikakai powder. It smelled exactly like the shikakai powder that my mother used for my hair during my childhood days. It is a natural herbal powder that cleanses the hair thoroughly from all the dirt, grime and impurities settled on the scalp from the external pollutants. It makes the hair smooth and soft and you need not use a conditioner separately.

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