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1 year ago

Sanitizing spray


Easy to use

Kills germs

We have to be extremely careful these days with the widespread of several viral and bacterial infections. Whenever we are out, we generally do not get to wash our hands with water every where. Also I am extremely careful when I use public bathrooms and taps for washing my hands as I feel that the microbes breed the most there causing several infections. It is therefore very important to maintain hygiene whenever we go out. Savlon has come up with a unique way of giving us a hygienic solution while travelling. It has made this hand sanitizer spray in the shape of a pen that can be easily carried in your pockets, bags, small pouch or can be tagged to the bags. The unique pen shaped bottle is very user friendly and travel friendly. It can be used on the go and it sanitizes the hands and eliminates all the germs and bacteria.

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