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Lipton Matcha Green Tea Bags aids in relieving you from stress and helps you concentrate better. The green tea leaves are rich in chlorophyll. These 100% Rainforest Alliance-certified leaves are finely grounded to green powder, which is then blended with Matcha to form the Matcha Green Tea Bags, which comes packed in a pyramid tea bag by the Lipton. The earthy taste of Matcha is combined with the goodness of green tea to calm your mind and body, resetting your day and pushes you to start your day fresh. You could either have this Lipton Matcha Green Tea hot or iced.

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Nice taste

Soothes body and mind

Improves concentration

I was very much addicted to caffeine and it had started affecting my health. If I missed out on having a cup of tea or coffee twice a day my head would start aching. This was triggering enough to take a stand and stop using it altogether for my own health benefits. I decided to drink green tea that helps in detoxifying the body and also aids digestion process and makes you feel refreshed. I bought these Lipton Matcha Green Tea Bags that are curated from 100% Rainforest Alliance-certified green tea  leaves. These green tea leaves are finely grounded to form powder and combined with matcha to make these matcha green tea bags. These come packed in tea bags and are rich in chlorophyll content. After starting this green tea, I felt very light and refreshed. My concentration power had improved and my stress levels were decreasing. It helped me in calming my body and mind.

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