Patanjali Saundarya Coconut Nourishing Cream Reviews

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1 year ago

Nourishing cream for dry skin


Restores skin vitality

Gets absorbed quickly

Contains coconut, argan oil, olive oil and fruit extracts

My cousin uses a lot of patanjali products as they are made of herbal ingredients and also do not contain any chemicals. Also, they are easily available and very affordable. This nourishing cream is a very effective cream for those who have dry skin. My cousin had a very dry skin and she was searching for an effective and pocket friendly cream that she could buy on a regular basis. She came across this Patanjali Saundarya Coconut Nourishing Cream. This cream is infused with coconut, argan, olive oil, and fruit extracts. These ingredients are highly nourishing and help in hydrating the skin and retaining it's natural texture. It is very light weight and non greasy. It gets quickly absorbed in the skin and makes it feel rejuvenated. It helps in restoring the vitality of the skin and gives a radiant glow.

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