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1 year ago

Treats hyperpigmentation


Treats hyperpigmentation

Gives a soft glowing skin

Suits all skin types

My friend had oily skin and due to that she had severe acne and breakouts. All this led to a lot of pigmentation and acne marks on her face. She had an uneven skin tone and she tried hard to hide them by using concealer and foundation. But she wanted to stop using cosmetics to hide these flaws in her skin. She was then recommended by a dermatologist to use this Ducray Photoscreen Depigment. This cream comprises 2% azelaic acid and 3% glycolic acid. These ingredients help in the treatment of removing the pigmentation caused due to acne and uneven skin tone. My friend highly benefited from using this cream as it lightened her skin tone and made it look flawless and natural. It is very lightweight and does not leave any residue on the skin or make it feel heavy or greasy.

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