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1 year ago

Hair growth gel


Does not contain harsh chemicals

Contains Jaborandi and Arnica

Easy to use

Aids hair growth

I have seen my friend using this Fourrts Hairgro Gel for her extensive hair fall issue. She usually mixed this gel with her hair oil and applied it on the scalp by gently massaging it For 10 minutes. This is a homeopathic formula and it takes time to show results. It comprises of Jaborandi and Arnica that help in preventing hair loss various scalp disorder and also help in hair growth. This gel has helped my friend intensively in her hair loss issue and made then stronger and Shinier. It took her a year for the results to show on her hair. This gel also helps in preventing premature hair clean and also eliminates dandruff and prevents it from reoccurring. It is quite easy to use and affordable. It comes in a friendly packaging. She is extremely happy with this gel and definitely recommends this.

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