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1 year ago

Highly effective


Very soothing

Effective on blocked nose

I live in a city, which is very cold always and also there is a lot of pollution due to which I always catch cold and allergies. I have tried taking a lot of medication and also Take steam from time to time  to eliminate the cold. Somehow the cold reoccurs. And it was getting really irritating for me to have cold almost the entire year. I once saw an advertisement about Himalaya Herbals cold balm And had heard about its effectiveness from fellow neighbors. I decided to give it a try and bought it for myself.  This cold balm is made up of herbal extracts of camphor oil, mint, blue gum tree oil, and nutmeg oil. I started applying this at night and it really give me relief from blocked nose and headaches caused due to cold. It gave a soothing effect to my blocked nose and my running nose seemed to be getting better by the day.

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