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1 year ago

Perfect for combination skin


Made of natural ingredients

Removes excess oil

I have a combination skin and I keep on trying products to to suit my skin and keep the oiliness at bay. Most of the products that I have used generally clog the force and because of which the acne and pimples reoccur on my face. When my friend heard that I was facing this  issue she suggested me to use Good Vibes Orange Gel. This gel comes in a glass packaging tub with the screw cap which I found a bit unhygienic. It comprises of orange oil and aloe vera gel. We all are very well aware of the positive effects of orange oil for combination and oily skin. It is infused with a lot of antioxidants that help in cleaning the skin and making it free of dark spots and blemishes. A perfect gel for oily and combination skin that is very lightweight and gets easily absorbed the skin.

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